The Commissioned enables people and businesses to commission original works of art. 

We envision a world where art and artifacts are commissioned to create meaning and tell stories that are powerful and personal.  And we are achieving this by working with a new generation of Artists and Clients.

We enable emerging artists from all over the world to build successful businesses — by giving them the tools to build their brands, establish personal client networks, and tell compelling stories of their life and art.

And we enable clients to find ‘the right artist’, and to transform ideas and thoughts that inspire them — into original works of art.

Why The Commissioned?

Why Commission An Artwork?

A Story of Artist & Client

The Commissioned - A Story of Creative Collaboration Between Artist & Client.

On CNN International

The Commissioned is featured on CNN International in 2015.


We are currently working on a book - The Connected Artist - a guide for artists to succeed in creating a global brand and build a successful business.