'Serendipity' is a poor excuse for lack of planning.

Ever had one of those 'get-to-know-you' coffees, or conference hallway conversations - where one party has their eyes glazed over with boredom; and their minds wondering off?

Not fun.

That's why I'm listing everything I'm interested in chatting about (apart from work and family).  If you don't think we have a match, this page will save us both some time. :) 

More importantly - if we have a match, we don't have to talk about the weather, the crowded spaces, that last vineyard trip... before we get to the real deal.

It doesn't mean that I'm not interested in discovering anything new.  It means I constantly, and thoroughly think about what has me 'come alive' in conversations with friends.  

Your time and mine, is way too valuable to waste on small talk.  And if you're seeing this page, it means I think you've got the stomach to dive right into what we both really want to connect over.

I'll keep adding to this list, so - keep coming back!  

Shall we do coffee?

  • Bespoke, Curated Stationery Products 
  • Blockchain Technology (I own www.Blockchain.Tech)
  • Bots, Drones & AI 
  • Building Co-working, Co-living Spaces for the next generation of global citizens, remote workers, nomadic families 
  • Disruptive Innovation (and methods for design) 
  • Global Citizenship (living in multiple cities; having multiple home-bases and how to manage work, life and expenses) 
  • Health & Wellness (i want to live forever) 
  • Inequality, Holacracy & Leaderless Organizations 
  • Life Coaching, Executive Coaching (I'm an aspiring coach) 
  • Mercenary Armies (and their relevance in the future) 
  • Micropatrology & Micro-nationalism - the building of micro-states / micro-nations. (I own www.Micropatrology.com) 
  • Modern Day Slavery (and how to end it) 
  • Networks & Marketplaces (Platforms that enable individuals to build their brands and businesses... that's why I built The Commissioned) 
  • Permaculture & Urban Farming 
  • Prepping for a Global Disaster and Wide-spread Violence 
  • Productivity & Life Hacks (that's why I started Type-A Breakfast) 
  • Professional Services Business: The "Agency World" (how it's broken, and what may fix it) 
  • Technology & the Future (that covers pretty much everything doesn't it?) 

I invest in startups, and I'm a pretty useful guy at the table when brainstorming - so if you're working on one of the above, I can offer capital and ideas. 

Want to create a page like this?

If you have a personal website, a 'yourwebsite/common' page like this one, enables you to very quickly establish "common ground" with new friends.

If you think a page like this is useful -- and would like to create one for yourself -- let me know... I'll be creating a simple convention for people to create and list their '/common' pages.

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