A Project with my Daughter

The Alphabet Stories is a book that teaches children the letters of the Alphabet - through visual storytelling and by evoking their imagination. 

This started out as a weekend activity for my daughter Elizabeth and I... as part of our home-schooling efforts.

I found it meaningless to tell a child that A is for Apple - when I really want to keep the focus on the letter ‘A’ - not the Apple!


More importantly - I wanted her to practice using her imagination when it comes to tasks like writing — instead of simply remembering the pen-strokes.

In doing so - we discovered that she - and her friends could more easily remember and recreate the letters!

We posted letters A - E on Facebook because we had so much fun with it - and friends have been nudging us to write stories for the rest of the alphabet; and publish.

We’re working on it; so join The Alphabet Stories Facebook Group for updates.