There are 3 ways we can schedule meetings / calls...

Public Calendar

If you want to know all the times I'm available, and choose something that works for you, you can refer to my Calendly page:

Or send me a link to your public calendar, so I can choose a spot.

Scheduling Assistant (Bot)

When I initiate a meeting or take the lead in setting up one, I may use a scheduling assistant (a bot):  

I generally don't take offense when asked to correspond with a chat-bot to manage conversations, but if you do, we can stick to old-fashion email.

Here's my comparison on Scheduling Assistant Services / AI-enabled VA Bots.

My Assistant

When I expect that scheduling's going to be complex, my assistant and/or I will manage it ourselves.  His email is

  • assistant AT (personal meetings); or
  • han AT (business meetings)

His cell is: +65 8742 4318