I use three email accounts to manage my life and work.

I respond to most emails within three days, and if I cannot be reached urgently on any of the channels listed on this page, the best alternative is to contact my assistant, Han at assistant AT melvinyuan.com or han AT thecommissioned.com (depending on the context).

melvinyuan AT gmail.com

Gmail is what I use for personal mails, subscriptions and user-accounts for collaboration tools (including Wunderlist, Google Drive, Evernote etc.)

I also use it for side-projects; and I add extensions to better organize my mails.  This is an example: melvinyuan+typeabreakfast.AT.gmail.com is used for emails related to Type-A Breakfast activities.

melvin AT thecommissioned

The Commissioned and the work we do, is my core focus.

Note: My assistant has access to this email.

melvin AT omnifluence.com

I don't play an active role in Omnifluence, but I occasionally take on speaking engagements, training and consulting projects; and the firm manages them for me.

Note: My assistant has access to this email.