Web Access: https://www.uberconference.com/melvinyuan
International Access Numbers:  https://www.uberconference.com/international
Conference Number: 650-741-0241 [No PIN needed]

I use UberConference, and we can start a conference call using either a web browser or phone line.

(Alternative) Skype: melvinyuan
Skype is also an option; but I'm relying more on UberConference and less on Skype

International Access Numbers

SG Dial-in: 3158 0641
US Dial-in: 650-741-0241
AU Dial-in: 02-8417 2302
MY Dial-in: 03-9212 1770


Call Recordings

All my UberConference calls are recorded; and I can send participants the recordings - so we can focus on our conversations without concentrating on taking detailed notes. 

I generally delete all conversations, and won't share any unless participants have agreed.